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FIT For RecoveryLogoBuild Confidence &
 Love Our Bodies Again! A movement-based fitness training program designed to support individuals recovering their overall health and wellness. Develop stability, strength and movement while improving mental health and well-being.

Make physical activity and healthy living a regular part of your life with fun, flexible weekly group trainings that support recovering your health.  Develop stability, strength and movement while improving mental health and well-being.

All fitness levels are welcome – Just Show UP!
Check us out – The first class is FREE!
Weekly Cost is only $20 per session to help us sustain the program for everyone. Space limited to 20 per class.


WHY/Recovering Your Health –
When we don’t feel well or feel tired all the time, life is more challenging overall. On the other hand, it is easier to relax and overcome tension when we are physically active and working to improve our physical state of being. It is also easier to support your recovery from addictions and unhealthy behavior when you’re involved in an ongoing fitness program. Feeling good physically and feeling healthy in general – rather than only focusing on getting thinner or bulking up – improves our self-image and confidence. And by taking the initiative to commit to our health we experience more power of choice.

WHAT/Interactive Group Movement
Fit for Recovery is a group training program consisting of coordinated, versatile, expert-led workouts that are motivating and invigorating, balanced and fluid. The workouts are designed for everyday life, helping with everyday tasks as well as recreational activities. There are no machines or heavy weights, and all fitness levels are welcomed. Although it is high-intensity interval training designed for strength and conditioning, the safety of the individual is always considered along with any existing physical limitations. The Fit for Recovery program focuses on self-care, not just fitness. The classes are interactive and fun with a sense of community, and are led by an experienced and supportive trainer.

HOW/Strength & Conditioning
Strength and conditioning are basically an increase of muscular/bodily resilience and cardiovascular health. When we have physical strength and stamina we can do more with greater efficiency without injuring or overextending ourselves. The resulting coordination, flexibility and alertness allow for more efficient use of energy, bringing more vitality to everyday living. There are psychological aspects to strength and conditioning, as well, including fuller embodiment, more aliveness and boosted confidence.

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